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More Great Music at Poodies in February.

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Friday February 23rd Sharon's Birthday Bash Fun Starts @4PM
Tessy Lou & Shotgun Stars 5PM
The Troubadillos 6:15PM
Aaron McDonnell 8PM
Tessy Lou and the Shotgun Stars spent a month of Sundays at the Pony Bar in Pony, Montana. Bryan Paugh fiddle, Mike Singer banjo, Kenny Williams Doghouse Bass, and Tessy Lou Williams sweet vocals and guitar born to sing the songs that tell the story of life lived in the west. "C'mon Boys!" was the rallying cry as the band worked it's magic for all that were lucky enough to be part of real yahoo time in a by God Montana bar. tessylouwilliams.com Come see the totally terrific Troubadillos - a Poodie's institution for more years than I care to count!
With true purpose, Aaron's songs explore age-old themes of love, heartache, failure, and faith. They are classic in their influence and unpretentious in their delivery. At once familiar and fresh, Aaron is both an authentic homage to the sounds of the past, and an exciting example of what is to come. aaronmcdonnell.com
The Damn Torpedoes 10PM
The Damn Torpedoes have it: attitude, mojo, chemistry, skill, determination…and use those qualities to pay tribute to an American band who for 4 decades have been the pure embodiment of the same, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.
Saturday February 24th
Audrey Malone Band 8PM

Joel Hofmann 10:30PM
Mike McClure writes songs. He's written a whole lot of them. So many that he probably doesn't remember how all of them go. His songs are so good that other people like to sing them. Super famous people. Mike McClure has a band. There are four of them. They have instruments and they play them. They also have a van they ride around in. Mike also makes records. He's made a lot of them. He also makes records for other people. You've probably heard some of them. Mike also likes swords and looking at weird things in antique stores. He raises ducks and geese or some kind of bird. He also raises kids. Life is funny and Mike McClure laughs at it. mikemcclureband.com The band can do anything from strict traditional country two steppers and waltzes, to blues and rock and roll.  With two hall of famers in the band:  Billy Dee Donahue on bass, inducted into the Western Swing Hall of Fame in 2014; and  Pat Pankratz on guitar, who was inducted into the Texas music hall of fame due to his work with the famous Texas band Greezy Wheels. joelhofmannband.com  
Sunday February 25th    
Tessy Lou & Shotgun Stars 4PM
The Mismatch 7:30PM
BB Morse Friends & Family 10PM
Monday February 26th STEAK NIGHT!!!
WC Jameson Hosts Jim Wyly
With over 300 songs to his credit, Jameson draws on a wealth of material from life and sings it from the heart. His tunes have been recorded by others, and one of his songs, “Life was a Whole Lot Better When Roy Rogers was Around,” was aired by The Western Channel as a theme for a special movie month. Award-winning songwriter and author WC Jameson has shared the stage and screen with Willie Nelson, Neil Young, Emmylou Harris, Waylon Jennings, Kris Kristofferson, and many other famous artists. His performances have been described by reviewers as “dynamic” and “powerful,” and one critic wrote, “Listeners never tire of Jameson’s rich baritone, his memorable and captivating lyrics.” wcjameson.com
Tuesday February 27th
Louis Long 5PM
Kurt, Bracken & Cody 7:30PM
Louie's been an institution at Poodies since 1992. He started the first open mic night, and when he started the Troubadillos with BB Morse, they were the house band for 11 years, until Poodie passed away 8 years ago. See Louie and "The Totally Terrific Band " every Tuesday!
Kurt Grein, Bracken Hale, and Cody Angel song-swap.  
Wednesday February 28th No Bad Days Open Mic  
No Bad WednesDays Open Mic 8PM
Local favorite, BB Morse hosts.    
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