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More Great Music at Poodies in July. 

Click here to see our monthly calendar-at-a-glance.

Friday July 25th
Ru Coleman 4PM
Other Lovers 8PM
Aaron Einhouse 11PM

Genre: Hoot Rock; Members: Megan Fowler-Vocals/Percussion, Brandon Boyd-Vocals/Guitars, Chase Dungan-Vocals/Guitars, Travis Glass-Bass, Sean Ragsdale-Drums Story-teller… Musician… Performer… Aaron has joined the next generation of singer/songwriters influenced by the likes of Robert Earl Keen, Jerry Jeff Walker, and Steve Earle.
Saturday July 26th
Kem Watts 6PM
 Richard Jessee Project 8:30PM

Texas KGB 11PM

Raised in Lubbock Texas and grew up in a family of musicians. I have been singing since I was a young girl. However, I got a late start in picking up the guitar. I first began writing songs acappella in my early 20's shortly after moving to Austin. I had things to express so I figured I better get with the program and learn how to play an instrument so that I could get my point across the way I heard the melodies in my head. I picked up the guitar and taught myself to play in 2006 and haven't stopped yet. Premier madman guitarist Richard Jessee is joined by bassist Mike Rosch and drummer Aaron Parks. Together they form the Richard Jessee Project and create a fantastic explosion of fusion, jazz, rock, classical, and low down funky music. If you like original, spontaneous music with kung fu guitar riffs, you have found the right place. www.richardjessee.com This IS NOT the Russian KGB hiding behind your sofa or coming to get you from the cold war. Instead you will find the "Texas" KGB in your local club playing the music you love. The Texas KGB (Kelly Green Band) is a quartet of professional musicians that play "Original Americana Music" including Rock, Country, Blues, Alternative and more. Visit their website>>
Sunday July 27th    
Tessy Lou & The Shotgun Stars 4PM
Jon Napier Song Swap 7:30PM
Tessy Lou and the Shotgun Stars spent a month of Sundays at the Pony Bar in Pony, Montana. Bryan Paugh fiddle, Mike Singer banjo, Kenny Williams Doghouse Bass, and Tessy Lou Williams sweet vocals and guitar born to sing the songs that tell the story of life lived in the west. "C'mon Boys!" was the rallying cry as the band worked it's magic for all that were lucky enough to be part of real yahoo time in a by God Montana bar. tessylouwilliams.com With special guest, Ru Coleman.  
Monday July 28th STEAK NIGHT!!
Hubble-Lou Happiest Hour 4PM


Casey Hubble & Tessy Lou Williams perform. WC Jameson Hosts Special Guest
Jake Martin

With over 300 songs to his credit, Jameson draws on a wealth of material from life and sings it from the heart. His tunes have been recorded by others, and one of his songs, “Life was a Whole Lot Better When Roy Rogers was Around,” was aired by The Western Channel as a theme for a special movie month. Award-winning songwriter and author WC Jameson has shared the stage and screen with Willie Nelson, Neil Young, Emmylou Harris, Waylon Jennings, Kris Kristofferson, and many other famous artists. His performances have been described by reviewers as “dynamic” and “powerful,” and one critic wrote, “Listeners never tire of Jameson’s rich baritone, his memorable and captivating lyrics.” wcjameson.com
Tuesday July 29th    
Danny Fast Fingers 4PM
 Stephen K Morris 6PM
Tommy Elskes 8:30PM

Stephen turned his early music experience toward guitar and writing songs during college in Wichita Falls. He is now performing his own shows regularly at many venues across the state. You can find him many weekends somewhere on Highway 290 between Austin and Fredericksburg, Texas at various Wineries, Cafes, Bars and small venues that support independent music. Tommy Elskes(els-kiss) is a musician's musician. He has that all too rare ability to truly affect people with his music. Ask The General Norman Shwarzkopf, Lyle Lovett or my 9 year old son Ryan. They will all tell you he is the best. Tommy's music is a wonderful combination of soulful R&B, blues, rock, country and folk. www.tommyelskes.com
Wednesday July 30th    
No Bad WednesDays Open Mic 8PM
Local favorite, BB Morse of the Fabulous Chevelles and Troubadillos hosts this week's Open Mic    
Thursday July 31st
James Byron 6:30PM
Johnson 8:30PM
Raised on a steady combination of folk, blues, and soul, singer and guitarist James Byron has spent the past 17 years writing and performing original music—most recently as front man for Austin-based rock band This Life Electric. With his new CD, "Promiseland," he takes us on a journey into the heart of Americana music. A creative mix of blues, folk, country, soul and rock originals. jamesbyronmusic.com
With a sound that is equal parts Robert Johnson (their namesake) and Peter Green - the trio of guitarist Mac McNabb, bassist Chris Johnson, and drummer Kevin Lance play a version of the blues that flies north to Chicago, down through the Mississippi delta, over to late 60’s England, and back. Contrary to burgeoning legend, Johnson hasn’t made a deal with the devil…just yet…  
Click here to see our monthly calendar-at-a-glance.
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