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More Great Music at Poodies in June.

Click here to see our monthly calendar-at-a-glance.

Thursday June 22nd  
Libby Koch 8PM
Alice Wallace 9:30PM
The Boomswagglers 11PM
Libby's music is a classic Texas Troubadour blend of Americana, country, folk, and rock, with influences from great artists such as Emmylou Harris, Lucinda Williams, Patty Griffin, Gillian Welch, and Dolly Parton. Her goal is to make real, honest music that resonates with people, and as Matthew Warnock of Guitar International Magazine recently said, "it is artists like Koch that are restoring faith in country music to its fans." In the last two years, singer-songwriter Alice Wallace has self-released two albums, earned “Best Country/Americana” and “Best Live Band” nominations in the Orange County Music Awards, and has played shows and festivals in more than 50 cities stretching across 14 U.S. states. And she is just getting started. alicewallacemusic.com Rather than honky tonk and outlaw, The Boomswagglers look back to an earlier time in country music; a time of tent revivals, washboards and the Carter Family. From the production to the songwriting, this is how country sounded when your grandfather’s grandfather was listening to it. boomswagglers.com

Friday June 23rd    
Zach Day 6PM

Adam Johnson & The Pay-Me's 8PM
Zach Day grew up in the Mississippi Delta in Greenville but now resides in the birthplace of Robert Johnson, Hazlehurst, MS. He is a singer/songwriter and has created his own combination of Mississippi Delta Blues and Texas country dubbed as "Cotton Country." www.zachdaymusic.net Aaron LaCombe is an Austin based Americana Singer-Songwriter.

Saturday June 24th    
Gene Douglas 6PM
Ben Johnson 6PM
Cornell Hurd 10PM
Sounds Like: Chris Whitley, Jeff Buckley, Mark Lanegan, Dwight Yoakum, Neil Young
The Cornell Hurd Band serves up a delicious combination of Western Swing, classic country, and boogie-woogie, spiced with a dash of rock ‘n roll. When the band kicks into high gear, the dancers hit the floor and the joint starts jumpin'! cornellhurdband.com/tx
Sunday June 25th    
Carl Hutchens 4PM
Honky-Tonk Red 7:30PM

I'm blessed to be able to use a wide variety of great musicians who live and work in Central Texas. Among them bass players Bill Colbert, Lynn Daniel, and Billy D. Favorite drummer Timmy Campbell. Guitarists Richard Jessee, Kenny Grimes, and Todd Barth. Others, Dobro & Keyboards Bennett Spielvogel, pianist Curt Voelkel, and fiddler Howard Kalish.  www.carlhutchens.com    
Monday June 26th STEAK NIGHT!!!
WC Jameson Hosts Andrea Marie
With over 300 songs to his credit, Jameson draws on a wealth of material from life and sings it from the heart. His tunes have been recorded by others, and one of his songs, “Life was a Whole Lot Better When Roy Rogers was Around,” was aired by The Western Channel as a theme for a special movie month. Award-winning songwriter and author WC Jameson has shared the stage and screen with Willie Nelson, Neil Young, Emmylou Harris, Waylon Jennings, Kris Kristofferson, and many other famous artists. His performances have been described by reviewers as “dynamic” and “powerful,” and one critic wrote, “Listeners never tire of Jameson’s rich baritone, his memorable and captivating lyrics.” wcjameson.com
Tuesday June 27th    
Louis Long 5PM
Tom Ben Lindley 7:30PM
Louie's been an institution at Poodies since 1992. He started the first open mic night, and when he started the Troubadillos with BB Morse, they were the house band for 11 years, until Poodie passed away 8 years ago. See Louie and "The Totally Terrific Band " every Tuesday!
After moving to Austin and playing in various rock bands, Tom's "Outlaw Country" roots emerged. As luck would have it, a friend of his from his home town of Del Rio “Blondie Calderon” was the long-time band leader and piano player for the legendary Ray Price. Thanks to Blondie, he had the opportunity to “hang out” with country music royalty and worked like crazy trying to get a gig as the opening act. It didn’t come over night, but after years of paying his dues he got the opportunity to open for Ray and Johnny Bush one night which then led to playing Willie Nelson's Picnic.
Wednesday June 28th No Bad Days Open Mic  
No Bad WednesDays Open Mic 8PM
Local favorite, BB Morse of the Fabulous Chevelles and Troubadillos hosts this week's Open Mic    
Thursday June 29th
Tres Womack 6PM
Forrest Jourdan 8PM

Tres grew up in Brownwood, Texas and now lives near Austin. A former teacher and coach, he joined the Texas music scene with the 5-song EP “Real Simple.” In 2006 he contributed to a “limited release” live record as a member of the get-o-cowboys. Since that time, he’s stayed busy fronting both his own band and the “get-o-cowboys.”  Jourdan's songs bear a semblance to those of Guy Clark or Charlie Robison in that they contain a similar sense of Texas seasoning ...  
Friday June 30th    
Jennifer B & The Groove 7:30PM
Guy Forsyth 9:30PM
Jennifer B & the Groove could not be more excited than right now to be alive in music, to share it and bring joy to others through song! We have some super things to share with you, including a fantastic tribute to Janis Joplin, wedged right in the center of our show! It’s been a long and dusty, winding road for Austin singer/songwriter Guy Forsyth that’s led to a recent surge in praise over his dazzling live shows and his rich Americana roots sound. Forsyth (vocals, acoustic, electric, & slide guitar, harmonica, ukulele, singing saw), along with Will Landin (bass/tuba) and Jeff Botta (drums/Cajon), bring a unique mixture of styles such as folk, rock, country, and Tin Pan Alley to create a sound that’s as heterogeneous, raw and compelling as America itself. You’ll hear powerhouse vocals deliver energetic yarns about love, the government and the apocalypse, to name a few, as Forsyth and company squeeze everything they have into each song and rarely come up for air. www.guyforsyth.com  
Click here to see our monthly calendar-at-a-glance.